Our clinical case study data demonstrates the effectiveness of the OZ101 combination therapy with sulfonylurea in type
2 diabetes patients. Results indicate a
substantial and clinically significant (i) reduction in fasting blood glucose
(ii) reduction in sulfonylurea side effects, (iii) significant extension of the duration of sulfonylurea efficacy,
collectively providing a positive impact on patient's quality of life.

Our initial clinical case studies were completed with eight type 2 diabetes patients, four of which were on sulfonylurea
monotherapy, with uncontrolled blood glucose levels of greater than 7 mmol/L. The addition of our active OZ101
ingredient as a supplement to their existing sulfonylurea therapy resulted in a clear reduction in fasting glucose levels
(FGL). These initial human case studies has suggest that the proprietary combination therapy can achieve near-normal
FGL levels (between 5.5 to 7mmol/L) within 6 months.

Figure 1 below depicts near-normalisation of FGL after consumption of OZ101 in a patient being treated with the
sulfonylurea drug, Glyburide (glibenclamide), monotherapy with uncontrolled blood glucose levels.

This add-on therapy also resulted in a reduction of monthly fluctuation of FGL and a clinically significant reduction in
blood HbA1c level from 7.8% to 7.2% after 6 months of therapy. The patients reported that this combination therapy
reduced the side effects of sulfonylurea use such as hypoglycemic episodes and weight gain and led to a significant
improvement in quality of life.

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